Steel aspiration cannulae for neurosurgery with flat tip complete with Ø 1,5 mm aspiration control handle.

  • The aspiration control hole has a diameter of 1,5 mms., this allows the surgeon to receive a much slower response. When the hole is uncovered, the decrease in aspiration at the tip occurs in a progressive manner over time. Also in cases of relatively high aspiration pressures, these cannulae maintain a low noise production.
  • Particularly adapt for use in Neurosurgery.
  • Reduces the risk of blocking.
  • Can dissect in restricted areas in Neuro & Spinal surgery.
  • Non-traumatic, flat, rounded tips.
  • Cannulae are made of AISI 304 medical steel.
  • Uniform internal diameter over the entire length of the cannula.
  • Angled.
  • Handle with aspiration control made of copolymer styrenebutadiene (ABS).
  • Colour coded for immediate recognition.
  • Latex free.
  • Sterilised by gamma rays.
  • Packaged singularly in double sterile packaging.

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