With its filtration system, Resection CleanVac permits efficient and safe evacuation of the bladder without the risk of fragment reflux. The fragments remain trapped behind the incorporated filter, even if the evacuator is on its side or lowered. The Resection CleanVac is made of break resistant plastic material and can be used in every position and with both hands. With its simple and efficient bulb connection, Resection CleanVac remains firm during the use of the cystoscope.

Resection CleanVac is packaged in a sterile peel packaging. Included in the packaging:

  • a recloseable minigrip bag for “clean” transport of the closed container with removed fragments

  • three disposable connectors for cystoscopes depending on the type needed (Storz®, Wolf®, Olympus® and compatibles)

  • a label to personalize the container, indicating the unladen weight of just the container

  • one closure lid