EuroVac Mini - low pressure post-surgery wound drainage system, 100% closed-circuit continuous and constant aspiration.

  • Aspiration pressure: 40 mmHg.
  • Soft connector for inserting PVC and silicone drains from CH 10 to CH 18 (silicone drains require a special adaptor)
  • Closed circuit system with three non-return valves that make clamp handling unnecessary and promote hands-free operation.
  • Extremely easy to use. Connect the drain and just compress the aspiration unit.
  • Double hook for fixing the device to the patient’s bed.
  • The aspiration bag is emptied into the collection bag without interrupting the circuit.
  • It is possible to remove the collection bag to allow the patient to deambulate more comfortably.
  • Aspiration bag: volume 200 ml, graduated.
  • Lower collection bag: volume 500 ml, graduated and equipped with an anti-bacterial hydrophobic filter.
  • Sterilized by gamma rays and packaged in a double easy-peel blister.
  • Latex free. Invasive.

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