The New Safety Count System Maxi Box series permits the highest standard of quality elimination of scalpel blades and suture needles used in operating rooms under the current European standards of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/CEE, and Marked CE0476, standard BS 7320:1990 (Specification for sharps containers), and as according to OSHA Guidelines 1910-1030.


The New Safety Count System Maxi Box series permits quality counting of scalpel blades and needles used in the operating room, and offers the highest safety standards to avoid the risk of contamination to dispose of sharps of all types.

  • They are safe, simple, easy to use and economic.
  • Various models are available to offer convenience of choice to the user.
  • Single sterile packaging in medical grade paper and polypropylene (sterilised by gamma rays).

Dimensions open: 26,5 cms. x 9,5 cms. x 2,5 cms.

Dimensions closed: 13,2 cms. x 9,5 cms. x 3,5 cms.

Box of 60 pcs.

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