The TRUE FLOW RDB cannula is designed to be used during ascending aorta and arch procedures when antegrade selective cerebral perfusion (ASCP) is needed. Its unique features allow a safe positioning, low risk of displacement and optimal blood flow to the brain.

Antegrade Selective Cerebral Perfusion with moderate hypothermia is a safe method of cerebral protection having a lower risk of mortality and a lower incidence of neurological accident when compared to other available techniques. True Flow is a cannula specifically designed for this purpose and could help the surgeon during surgery.

  • First specific device designed for ASCP
  • Silicone made catheter
  • Mallable steel wire
  • Reduced risk of kinking
  • Inflatable silicone balloon
  • Additional side perfusion holes for optimal brain perfusion
  • Cathetrer length: 35 cm
  • Available in various sizes for specific patient weight

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